The Wisteria’s Growing Like a Weed

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We grew ourselves a musical Garden--And Sing Louder They Did

…And so are all the seeds we planted last season. Albums and festivals  and even a Broadway musical are busting out all over!

The new CD is almost wrapped, and we’re getting ready to move into the next phase of mixing, mastering and promoting. The tracks we laid back in February through June are coming together, and a record is emerging. But it won’t be complete until we’ve recorded the most important bit this Saturday – a chorus of your voices singing on the title track, “Sing Louder”. (more on that)

For those of you joining us in the studio on Saturday, thank you! Thank you for adding your voices to my music. For those of you who want to be a part of “Sing Louder” but can’t make the recording session, you can still make a huge difference by supporting our crowdfunding campaign when it launches next week.  You can help our campaign and the record really take off by:

▪going to our campaign page and contributing what you can on day one (I’ll send an email with the link on launch day)

▪watching the video through to the end. It actually does matter that you watch it all the way through, and the more times the better – even if you’re in the other room while you do

▪writing a comment

▪And most importantly, sharing the campaign with 5 friends you think will share it, too.

Doing those things will make a huge difference. I really can’t do this without all of you.

Case in point: the ladybug festival seeds you planted this Spring. Thanks to your posts and requests, we’ve been invited to play the Ladybug Festival in Wilmington this summer. This will be our first Ladybug fest, and when Jeremy booked us, he was clear that it was because of you. He was “really impressed by the level of fan engagement we are seeing for you.” That’s booking guy speak for: “Your fans are awesome and they really show up for you!” Yep. Yep, you do! Thank you!!

I’m so grateful for all of your support, and all that’s come of the work we’ve done. I’m hoping to spend some quality time this summer kicking back in the shade of the vines, breathing in the scent of the roses, soaking up the music and enjoying it all with you!

Hope to see you somewhere in the garden!

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