The Video is Here: “Sing Louder – Raising Our Voices Together”

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Critically-acclaimed folk singer-songwriter Meghan Cary is taking music lovers behind the scenes of the recording of her chart topping single “Sing Louder” with her new video “Sing Louder – Raising Our Voices Together.” Filmed at MorningStar Studios, this uplifting video showcases the 48 fans who came together to lend their collective voices to the chorus of Cary’s smash single, which debuted at #2 on the US / International Folk DJ Radio Charts.

According to Cary, the track was written to inspire and empower her audience to find joy in their lives and share their stories – to “sing louder” and make their voices heard. That’s why it was important that her fans be included in the recording process and in the video. To further her message, the singers held up signs with words of love, hope and community to unite the chorus as one and add emphasis to the song.

“This video captures the joyful, empowering energy that went into the recording of ‘Sing Louder’,” said Cary. “It puts a smile on my face every time I watch it.”

“Sing Louder – Raising Our Voices Together” can be viewed at

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