The Birthday Gift

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Meghan Cary performing at Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville PA

It’s amazing how something so all-consuming will eventually fade into the background. I think it was when I was first able to tie my own shoes again. I think that’s when I knew the story of this last 7 weeks was ceasing to define me, and this whole adventure was on it’s way to being a memory.

Then last Thursday (with Brooks neatly tied) I picked up my full-size Taylor for a vocal rehearsal. Bigger and heavier than the GS mini I’d been noodling with from my chair for the last week or so. Peter was laying down a rich bed on the keys, Linda Waverka, Marion Halliday and Lisa Jeannette were creating beautiful harmony, and before I stopped to think, I was on my feet playing full out.

There was a moment: should I be doing this? But it fled quickly, drowned out by the energy in the room. The answer came hot on it’s heels, loud and clear. As the sound vibrated through me, I knew this was the last step of my healing process. Music was mending muscle and stimulating nerve growth…I could almost feel it happening as the song moved through me.

And now all I want is to be back on the stage playing with the whole gang, and singing with all of you.

Sunday night on WXPN with Ian Zolitar was a blast, but really just a tease. I’m so ready for more. Our event this Saturday in Virginia will be a good warm up, and then it’s back home for my birthday/first-show-back-with-the-new-back celebration on April 20th. With that, and a few more events under my belt, I’m going to be oh so ready to stomp around the Bitter End stage with my band of Analog Gypsies April 27th!

This month is so full of music. The very best gift of all is sharing it with you. Happy birthday to me!



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