Music Making Mom

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I inhabit two entirely different worlds in a given week…or day…or hour. Being a musician and a mom of two kids in elementary school is a balancing act. And lately, I’ve been keenly aware of how important that balance is to my life. Its no surprise that trying to figure out the business of music […]

May’s Inferno

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Everything happens in May. I say it every year. And every year it happens again. The flowers bloom in earnest, and without warning, the trees explode into green again. I awake one morning to the victorious song of birds bringing home early-bird worms to their newly born babes, and I wonder when it happened…when did the […]

And “Sing Louder” They Did!

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Forty-six souls gathered at MorningStar Studios on July 8th to raise their voices, and share their intentions with the world. Many of them stepped way out of their comfort zones to don headphones and sing into a mic. They held signs and shared dreams, they sang with passion, joy and abandon. The energy was indescribable, […]

The Wisteria’s Growing Like a Weed

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…And so are all the seeds we planted last season. Albums and festivals  and even a Broadway musical are busting out all over! The new CD is almost wrapped, and we’re getting ready to move into the next phase of mixing, mastering and promoting. The tracks we laid back in February through June are coming […]

SING LOUDER IS Here…now go vote!

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It’s been an incredible ride!! The making of SING LOUDER was a profound experience from start to finish. I learned about myself as an artist, about what impact I want to have on the world, and especially about how my incredible fans, friends, and family (you!) are willing to help me make it happen. When […]

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