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The Birthday Gift

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It’s amazing how something so all-consuming will eventually fade into the background. I think it was when I was first able to tie my own shoes again. I think that’s when I knew the story of this last 7 weeks was ceasing to define me, and this whole adventure was on it’s way to being […]

Drive (part one)

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I’ve never believed in the myth of the “starving artist”, never bought into the need to starve in pursuit of my dreams. I have and intend always to thrive doing what I love. Nonetheless, there came a day while I was living at 106 Cabrini Blvd in Washington Heights, that I was down to my last […]

The Morning After – Adrenaline Hangover

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This is how I gauge the energy output for a show, a rehearsal, the studio….the morning after. It’s 9:05, and our house is making more morning noise than usual (#thishousemakesnoise) as the guys continue to cut through walls, hammer in baseboards, and prep grout to secure the tile they laid in my soon-to-be-new bathroom yesterday […]